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Safety Around Your Home

At Fergus Electric Cooperative, we believe one of our most important roles in the community is to educate our members and neighbors about the potential dangers electricity poses and what to do in order to stay safe around electric power.

To avoid electrical hazards, make sure you and your family follow these simple tips:

General tips:

  • Avoid damp conditions when using electricity. Keep all electrical devices and cords away from water.
  • Place waterproof covers on all outdoor outlets. Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in outlets where water may be present.
  • Only use extension cords marked for outdoor use; match power needs of an electric tool or appliance to the cord’s label information.
  • Never climb a utility pole or tower.

Special tips for kids and kids at heart:

  • Never climb trees near power lines. Even if the power lines are not touching the tree, they could touch when more weight is added to the branch.
  • Fly kites and model airplanes in large open areas like a park or a field, safely away from trees and overhead power lines. If a kite gets stuck in a tree that’s near power lines, don’t climb up to get it. Contact Fergus at (406) 538-3465 for assistance.
  • Don’t play on or around pad-mounted electrical equipment (the green boxes).
  • Never go into an electric substation for any reason. Electric substations contain high-voltage equipment, which can be deadly. Never retrieve a ball or toy that goes inside. Call us instead.

Power tools:

  • Inspect power tools and appliances for frayed cords, broken plugs, and cracked or broken housing, and repair or replace damaged items.
  • Store power tools indoors.
  • Unplug outdoor tools when not in use.
  • Do not carry power tools by the cord.
  • Remember don't forget your safety glasses and hearing protection.


  • Look up. When you’re working in high places, electric lines may be closer than you think. Never use a metal ladder. Use only a fiberglass ladder if you must work near the wires attached to your house.
  • Never touch a person or an object that has made contact with a power line -- you could put yourself in danger. Call 9-1-1 for help.

ALWAYS stay at least 50 feet away from downed power lines. Just because they're not arcing doesn't mean they are de-energized.

Call before you dig, call 8-1-1

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