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If the power goes off in your house, check to see if a fuse has been blown or a breaker has been tripped. You may need to only replace the blown fuse or reset the breaker. However, you should note that a blown fuse or tripped breaker is a warning that you may have something wrong. Perhaps you have a defective appliance or have overloaded the circuit. If repairs are necessary you should call an electrician. If all looks fine in the house then check to see if there is a main breaker located just below the meter. If this main breaker is tripped it can be reset. Please note this may also be an indication that something is wrong on your side of the meter. If resetting the main breaker does not restore your lights, check with you neighbors to see if they have power. Finally, please give us a call. The more information you are able to provide for our crews, the more quickly they will be able to restore power to you.

(406) 538-3465

Power outages


When You Report an Outage

When you make the call, give us your name, location (physical address), and phone number. If you know what may have caused the outage, please provide this information as well. If you get a busy signal, please keep trying. The phones will be answered as quickly as possible. During widespread outages there may be a delay in answering your calls. Please be patient and stay on the line until your call is answered.

While The Electricity Is Off

Keep the refrigerator and freezer closed. Food can keep for at least 24 hours. If an outage should ever last longer than that, make arrangements to store your food at another location.

Life Support Equipment

If someone in your home is dependent on life-support equipment consider making a stand-by generator available as a precautionary measure.

Scheduled Outages

Occasionally the Cooperative will need to schedule a planned outage in order to do maintenance or repair work on the power lines. We will make every effort to notify you via phone, as time allows.

Short Outages/Blinks

Very short outages called "blinks" are more common due to the capability of today's protective devices. For example, if a branch falls onto a power line, the power to this line is automatically interrupted and hopefully the branch falls clear of the line. If the branch falls clear, power will automatically be restored. These occurrences are considered temporary or transient faults.

First: Check the fuses or breakers in the building in which the electricity is off. 

Second: Check the breaker below the meter. 

Third: If electricity is still out, call a neighbor to see if they have electricity. 

Fourth: Call 406-538-3465 day or night or: 

Dale Rikala 406-535-5192
Guy Johnson 406-535-5132
Scott Sweeney 406-538-7218
Don Criswell (Roundup) 406-323-3246
Monte Obert 406-425-1288


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