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Net Metering


Fergus Electric offers its membership the opportunity to produce part or all of their own energy requirements by using a renewable form of generation such as a wind turbine, photovoltaic panels or a hydroelectric generator and installing a net metered service.

Net metering is defined as the interconnection of member owned generation from a renewable source to the cooperative’s facilities, in which the generation output of energy not used at the service is netted against the energy delivered by the cooperative within the following guidelines:

  • The cooperative will not purchase energy produced by the member.
  • The nameplate generating capacity shall not exceed 25 kW.
  • The member generation is intended primarily to offset part or all of the member’s own electrical requirements at the service.
  • Metering is required to measure energy flow in both directions.
  • Member generation in excess of their monthly usage will be “banked” for later use in the current 12 month period.  The annual billing period for net metering begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the current year.
  • A monthly “administrative cost” of $8.00 will be charged in addition to the base charge of the applicable rate schedule.
  • Net metering customers will be subject to all other terms of the applicable rate schedule including payment of the monthly base charges even if no energy is billed.
  • Any banked energy left at the end of the annual period will be granted to the cooperative without any compensation to the member.

Steps for installing a net metered account:

  1. Contact Fergus Electric to arrange a meeting to discuss your project.
  2. Complete the application process with the cooperative providing the generation type, size and location.
  3. The cooperative will perform an engineering study to determine capacity on its existing power lines.
  4. Complete an agreement with the cooperative once your electrician has the project ready for connection to install the metering package.
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