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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The final purchase price of solar panels will be determined once the grant determinations and actual construction costs are verified, the price per solar panel will not exceed $600.

Will I have to pay additional fees in the future?

No. All of the construction, insurance, warranty, management, and maintenance for the system will be included in the initial price of the panel.

How much credit will I see on my bill?

The overall energy produced by the system each month will be divided by the number of panels in the system. Members will be credited based on the number of panels purchased. Each panel will produce approximately 450 kWh/yr. Usage will vary each month.

Is my payment for solar unit(s) eligible for a tax credit?

Based on language contained in the Internal Revenue Service’s Notice 2013-70 dated November 18, 2013 it appears that participation in a community solar program may be an expense that is eligible for a federal tax credit if there is a tax obligation. However federal and state tax law is very complex and often changes. You should consult with a tax accountant to determine if your payment for Fergus Electric’s Cooperative Solar Project will be deductible for you or if you are eligible for any credits.

When does the project end?

The initial project length is 20 years. An assessment of the project and its feasibility for an extended life will take place at that point.

Can I take the solar electricity benefits with me if I move?

Yes, but only if you move within FEC’s service territory and continue to receive an electric bill from us; you may transfer all the solar benefits to your new account. If you move out of FEC’s service area, you can designate another FEC member to receive the benefits.

Can I donate a panel?

Yes, if you want to donate a panel, FEC encourages donations to schools, community halls, or any other FEC member that has an active account.

Do I have to own my house or building to participate?

No, any active member is eligible to purchase a panel.

How do I signup?

Members having an interest in participating can sign up at both the Roundup and Lewistown offices or download the form online.

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