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About Power Lines

About Power Lines
  • FEC distribution power lines are energized at 7,200 volts. Transmission voltage lines carry as much as 100,000 volts. Accidental contact with power lines can be fatal.
  • When working outside, look up. Never use machinery or ladders underneath power lines without at least ten feet of clearance.
  • Use extreme caution on rooftops. Watch for overhead power lines and take care to stay away from power lines when working with antennas, ladders, or other objects.
  • Do not allow children to play on utility poles, guy wires, or underground transformer cabinets.
  • Never allow children to climb trees in proximity to overhead power lines.
  • Avoid driving a car underneath low hanging power lines or over downed power lines. Should your car come in contact with power lines, stay in the vehicle until emergency or utility personnel arrive and tell you it is safe. If the vehicle is on fire or otherwise too dangerous to stay inside, exit the vehicle by standing on the door-frame and jumping clear, taking care not to jump into low hanging power lines, then hop away with both feet together.  This method of exiting the accident scene may sound strange but it reduces the risk of stray voltage entering one foot and traveling through the body then exiting the other foot.
  • Do not plant trees underneath power lines or over buried underground power lines.
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